19-04658 Industrial/Auto Service Station/Garage Building
Parcel #: 192501-2-023-2004
Status: Closed Finaled - All work is done on the permit including all inspections and Bonds.
Submitted: 10/8/2019
Approved: 1/10/2020
Issued: 1/22/2020
Closed: 2/2/2021
Expires: 8/1/2021
Required: 12
Complete: 12
Total Fees:
Additional fees may be required
Project: 6400 PROPERTIES LLC - Lot A - Industrial Shell

Public Notice
Description Begin Date End Date

Morrison, Christina

License #: BROOKCI828P4

Impact Fee Land Category:
Impact Fee Units:

Parcel(s) associated with your permit.
Parcel Owner Address
192501-2-023-2004 6400 PROPERTIES LLC 6400 NW CONCRETE BLVD


Upload documents in PDF format on the following screen. The name of each file should simply identify what each submittal document is. Examples: “Floor Plans”, “Engineered Structural Plans”, "Engineered Civil Plans", “Site Plan”

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Not uploading all required submittal documents will delay the processing of your permit.

Submittal Required Received Accepted
Miscellaneous inspection documents Yes 7/30/2020 7/30/2020
Approved Permit Documents and Plans: Print all files and keep onsite for inspections Yes 1/13/2020 1/13/2020
Information Request: Upload a letter response AND any revised, corrected, or additional documentation. No 1/2/2020 1/9/2020
Please Download and Review All Documents: This line contains your detailed information request and when applicable, permit documents with reviewer comments No 1/2/2020 1/2/2020
Upload Required Permit Documents as listed on your Required Permit Questionnaire at No 11/1/2019 11/19/2019

Approval Steps
Follow your application through the approval process.
Step Status Date
Application has been submitted and is pending acceptance Approved 11/19/2019
Impact Fee Review Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 12/5/2019
PW - Concurrency Test Review Approved 12/12/2019
Permit Center Processing - Building Approved 11/19/2019
Health District Approval Processing for Building Permits Approved 11/19/2019
Environmental Review Approved 11/25/2019
Review for compliance with non-motorized access requirements Approved 12/12/2019
Planning/Zoning Compliance Review Approved 12/26/2019
Stormwater Review Approved 1/10/2020
Building Code Plan Review Approved 12/27/2019
Fire Marshal Review Approved 12/27/2019
Road Approach Research Approved 11/20/2019
Road Approach Approval Approved 11/20/2019
Public Works Sewer Division Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 11/26/2019
Addressing, Verification/Assignment Approved 12/5/2019
PW - ROW Review Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 12/11/2019

Start Complete Applicant Response
11/19/2019 12/27/2019 1/2/2020
1/2/2020 1/10/2020

Fixture Quantity Per Unit Value
Toilet/Water Closet/Biddet/Urinal 2 $0.00 $0.00
C-Commercial Water Heater 2 $0.00 $0.00
C-Sink (Lavatory, Kitchen, Mop, or Bar Sink) 2 $0.00 $0.00
Total: $0.00


Valuations and fees will be validated during the review process.

Valuation Quantity Rate Value
S-2 Storage, Low Hazard - Type V-B - Enter Square Footage 3000.00 $60.34  / SQFT $181,020.00
Total: $181,020.00


Fee totals below may not reflect all fees, including fees calculated by hourly rates.

Fee Amount
Technology Fee $18.10
Certificate of Occupancy $130.00
Commercial Mechanical and Plumbing Fee $0.00
Building Permit Fee, Commercial (all except TI) $1,810.20
Permit Center Base Fee $90.00
State Surcharge Commercial $25.00
Total : $2,073.30

Type Number Amount Issued Expires Completed


The inspections listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit has been issued, all inspections listed are applicable to your permit. Note: Community Development Building Final Inspections (B-Final), Commercial CO Inspection Fire Marshal (FM-CO-Final) and the Final Field Inspections (DE-FFI) are not eligible for next day inspection requests. Please allow two business days when requesting a Final inspection.

Completed On
Commercial Mechanical, Radiant Floor Tubing Inspection 7/27/2020
Commerical Drainage inspection prior to backfill 8/3/2020
Commercial Foundation, Slab Inspection 3/10/2020
Commercial Plumbing, Underground Piping Inspection 3/5/2020
Commercial Temporary Silt & Erosion Control. ----------- Note: This is not a standalone inspection, it will be done with all building inspections and will not be approved until final inspection. You will not need to request this inspection unless you're instructed to by your Inspector. 1/7/2021
Commercial Foundation, Footing Inspection 3/10/2020
Commercial Framing Inspection 1/28/2021
Inspect site for compliance with land use conditions 1/28/2021
Landscape Inspection 1/7/2021
Health District Final (Final Must Be Approved Prior To Scheduling Final Building Inspection) 7/28/2020
Commercial Final Building Inspection 1/28/2021
Final Field Inspection 2/2/2021

Structure Use Occupancy Type Square Footage
JENSEN - Lot A - Industrial Shell Industrial


The conditions listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit is issued, all conditions listed are applicable to your permit.

Permit Expiration: Building permits expire 365 days after permit issuance, or 180 days after the last approved inspection activity is performed. The Building Official may extend the time for action for a period not exceeding 180 days, upon the receipt of a written extension request indicating that circumstances beyond the control of the permit holder have prevented action from being taken. Additional fees may be due to reactivate the permit.
ELECTRICAL WORK. If electrical work is proposed, a separate electrical permit is required. You can contact Labor and Industries (L&I) at to obtain an electrical permit. Electrical systems must be inspected by L&I prior to requesting a framing inspection and final approval granted prior to requesting a final building inspection from the Department of Community Development.
Reinspection Fee: All approved plans for this permit and the printed building permit with conditions are required to be on-site for inspection purposes, and work to be inspected shall be complete and ready for inspection. If an inspection is called for and plans are not available on site, or the work is not ready for inspection, or if previously identified corrections have not been made, approval will not be granted. In addition, a re-inspection fee will be charged and must be collected by the Department of Community Development prior to any further inspections being performed or approvals granted.
Final Inspection Required: All building permits shall have a final inspection performed and approved by the Kitsap County Department of Community Development prior to permit expiration. The failure to request a final inspection or failure to obtain final approval prior to expiration will be documented in the legal property records on file with Kitsap County as being non-compliant with Kitsap County ordinances and building regulations and will be referred to Kitsap County Code Compliance for action.
Certificate of Occupancy. All buildings require a certificate of occupancy. No building or structure shall be used or occupied, until a final inspection has been approved and a certificate of occupancy issued. Issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall not be construed as an approval of any violation of the provisions of this code or of other ordinances of the jurisdiction. Certificates presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of this code or other ordinances of the jurisdiction shall not be valid.
A separate permit is required for each proposed sign.
Commercial Address: Numerals for commercial buildings shall be conspicuously displayed on a contrasting background and shall be a minimum of 12 inches in height with a minimum stroke of 1-1/2 inches when within 50 feet of the way of travel. Buildings located between 50 and 100 feet from the way of travel shall have numerals a minimum height of 18 inches with a minimum stroke of 2 inches. Buildings located more than 100 feet from the way of travel shall have numerals a minimum of 24 inches in height with a minimum stroke of 2-1/2 inches. Numerals designating suite numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches in height. All sizes may be reduced by 50 percent if numerals are illuminated 24 hours per day. If the building is not clearly visible from a named way of travel, the numerical designation (address) shall also be displayed near the main entrance to the property as well as at the driveway entrance that leads to the building. Property addresses shall be posted prior to requesting any inspections. If property addresses are not posted upon inspection, inspection will not be approved and a re-inspection fee will be charged and must be collected by the Department of Community Development prior to any further inspections being performed or approvals granted.
This permit shall comply with all Kitsap Public Health District regulations and conditions of approval.
The uses of the subject property are limited to the uses proposed by the applicant and any other uses will be subject to further review pursuant to the requirements of the Kitsap County Code (KCC). Unless in conflict with the conditions stated and/or any regulations, all terms and specifications of the application shall be binding conditions of approval. Approval of this project shall not, and is not, to be construed as approval for more extensive or other utilization of the subject property.
Landscaping shall be installed and maintained in conformance with the requirements of Kitsap County Code (KCC) 17.500. Landscaping shall be installed and inspected prior to requesting a final inspection, or guaranteed by means of an assignment of funds or bonded in the amount of 150 percent of the cost of installation.
CO Revision Checklist: The following checklist is provided to help you prepare for the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) inspection. Please use it to perform your own building and fire safety check prior to requesting an inspection. Some of the most frequently overlooked, common safety items that should be verified are: 1. Exits, corridors, stairs and ramps: a. Unobstructed; b. No deadbolts on any other exit doors except for the main entrance; (with appropriate verbiage applied) c. Illuminated exit signs working and battery backup is operational; d. Handrails on stairs and ramps. 2. Building address is clearly posted as required, and visible from the road. 3. Fire extinguishers: a. Serviced within the last year or recently purchased with manufacturer's tag attached and dated; b. Minimum size 2-A:10-B:C; c. Mounted near the exit(s) no higher than 5 feet above the floor. 4. Combustible storage: a. At least 24 inches below the ceiling; b. Not located within required aisles; c. Not located in combustible attic space or crawl space; d. Not located in mechanical rooms. 5. Flammable liquids and hazardous materials: a. Quantities appropriate for use and storage, and consistent with amounts stated within application documents; b. Materials stored in close proximity to each other are compatible with each other; c. Stored in approved flammable liquid storage cabinet if quantities exceed 10 gallons; 6. Cooking operations: a. Hood and duct suppression system for any cooking that can produce grease-laden vapors; b. Class K fire extinguisher for deep fat frying operations. 7. Electrical a. Service panel is clear and unobstructed; b. Extension cords are not used for any form of permanent wiring; c. All temporary electrical cords in good condition; d. Electrical system and any modifications have been inspected and approved by the Department of Labor & Industries.
Existing approach is acceptable. However, any improvements or installation of another approach on this parcel will require a new road approach permit.

Required Permits
Type Requirement For Number Status