18-02605 Site Development Activity Permit - Plat
KINGSTON,  WA  98346
Parcel #: 262702-4-079-2001
Status: Permit has been issued to applicant.
Submitted: 5/24/2018
Approved: 4/2/2019
Issued: 4/25/2019
Expires: 1/21/2022
Required: 37
Complete: 14
Total Fees:
Additional fees may be required
Project: SEASIDE AT KINGSTON - New 140 Single Family Townhomes

Public Notice
Description Begin Date End Date
Acceptance Letter - 04/04/19    
ADDENDUM Acceptance Letter 11/18/2020    

Trish Walton with NL OLSON
ERIC CLARKE w/ Element Residential, Inc.
Talbot Excavating Co. LLC


Number of Lots: 140
Impact Fee Land Category:
Impact Fee Units:
Title 12 (1997 or 2010):
LID %:
Pervious Pavement (Y or N): N
Acres: 7
Rain Gardens (Y or N):
Tree Credits (Y or N):
Dispersion (Y or N):
Creative Site Planning (Y or N):
Permit Base Hours: 48

Parcel(s) associated with your permit.
Parcel Owner Address
UNKNOWN,  WA 00000
262702-4-082-2006 SEASIDE KINGSTON LLC 26220 LINDVOG RD NE
262702-4-079-2001 SEASIDE KINGSTON LLC 26271 LINDVOG RD NE
UNKNOWN,  WA 00000


Upload documents in PDF format on the following screen. The name of each file should simply identify what each submittal document is. Examples: “Floor Plans”, “Engineered Structural Plans”, "Engineered Civil Plans", “Site Plan”

Click the files link on the far right of the submittal item to upload. The files link will indicate how many documents have been uploaded.

Not uploading all required submittal documents will delay the processing of your permit.

Submittal Required Received Accepted
Upload documents required prior to final inspection Yes
Approved SDAP Permit Documents for Addendum #1 No 11/18/2020 11/18/2020
Approved Permit Documents and Plans: Print all files and keep onsite for inspections No 4/24/2019 4/24/2019
Erosion Control surety No 4/22/2019 4/22/2019
Completed Online Permit Form Yes 5/25/2018 6/5/2018
Project Narrative Yes 5/25/2018 6/5/2018
Notice of Decision associated with previous land use approval Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Kitsap Public Health District Documentation Yes 4/23/2019 4/23/2019
Water Availability letter Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Sewer availability letter Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Application to construct Sanitary Sewer Service. Yes 7/31/2018 7/31/2018
Application for Concurrency Test from Public Works Yes 5/25/2018 6/5/2018
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit from WA State Yes 4/5/2019 4/5/2019
Affidavit signed by Engineer Yes 6/5/2018 6/5/2018
Certification from engineer of record Yes
Environmental (SEPA) Checklist Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Geotechnical Report Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Wetland Delineation Report or Certification Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Landscape plans Yes 11/21/2018 11/26/2018
Stormwater Packet Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Engineered drainage plans Yes 3/29/2019 4/23/2019
Engineered Drainage Report Yes 3/4/2019 3/4/2019
Solid Waste Documentation Yes
Traffic impact analysis Yes 5/24/2018 6/5/2018
Request for a submittal item waiver Yes 6/5/2018 6/5/2018
No submittal item required for this line. Internal Use Only. Yes 6/11/2018 6/11/2018
Stormwater performance surety No 4/24/2019 4/24/2019
Liability Insurance Certificate Yes 9/9/2019 9/9/2019
Customer Response Letter to Information Request Yes 4/1/2019 4/1/2019

Approval Steps
Follow your application through the approval process.
Step Status Date
Application has been submitted and is pending acceptance Approved 6/5/2018
Review Application Submittal for Completeness Approved 6/11/2018
PW - Concurrency Test Review Approved 7/12/2018
Notice of Application Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 6/11/2018
Distribute NOA Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 6/11/2018
Hearing Examiner Clerk Staff Report/Acceptance Letter Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 4/4/2019
SDAP Processing - SDAP Processing by Hearing Examiner Clerk Approved 4/23/2019
Receive signed pre-construction documents Approved 4/25/2019
Building Code Plan Review Approved 6/12/2018
Survey Review Approved 7/9/2018
Planning/Zoning Compliance Review Approved 2/7/2019
Environmental Review Approved 3/29/2019
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 7/2/2018
Solid Waste Review Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 9/26/2018
Stormwater Review Approved 3/20/2019
Traffic/Roads Review Approved 2/5/2019
Public Works Stormwater Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 6/20/2018
Fire Marshal Review Approved 9/6/2018
Health District Approval Approved 9/21/2018
Public Works Sewer Division Approved per Public Works 4/1/2019
Review for compliance with non-motorized access requirements Approved 7/20/2018
Traffic review by Public Works Approved 3/12/2019
PW - ROW Review Approved 9/14/2018
Reviewing Information Request Letter Approved 4/2/2019
Acceptance Letter Approved 4/2/2019

Start Complete Applicant Response

Fixture Quantity Per Unit Value
Total: $0.00


Valuations and fees will be validated during the review process.

Valuation Quantity Rate Value
Total: $0.00


Fee totals below may not reflect all fees, including fees calculated by hourly rates.

Fee Amount
Permit Center Base Fee $90.00
Technology Fee $62.40
Application Fee Deposit $6,240.00
Development Engineering Inspection Hours $5,655.00
Reviewer Hours $12,577.50
Capacity Reservation/Concurrency Certificate without Building Permit $200.00
HD-1011 OSS SDAP $130.00
Application Fee Refund/Invoice -$6,240.00
Customer Overpayment $130.00
Total : $18,844.90

Type Number Amount Issued Expires Completed
Erosion Control Surety 09316861 $70,000.00 4/18/2019 4/18/2029
Liability Insurance Certificate AC010001320 $0.00 8/24/2019 8/24/2020
Liability Insurance Certificate BAS55193711 $0.00 7/24/2019 7/24/2020


The inspections listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit has been issued, all inspections listed are applicable to your permit. Note: Community Development Building Final Inspections (B-Final), Commercial CO Inspection Fire Marshal (FM-CO-Final) and the Final Field Inspections (DE-FFI) are not eligible for next day inspection requests. Please allow two business days when requesting a Final inspection.

Completed On
In house preconstruction meeting 4/25/2019
Level 2
Clearing Limits Flag 5/8/2019
DE -Temporary Silt & Erosion Control Inspection; initial inspection 6/5/2019
DE -Temporary Silt & Erosion Control Inspection; recurring inspection
Storm Structures and Pipe Alignment 7/22/2020
Pre-bioretention soil placement 10/26/2020
Bioretention soil placement and pre-mulch/planting 11/12/2020
Post mulch/planting and construction site inspection
Dispersion Trench
PW Sewer Inspection
Outlet Control Structure "inspect before installation" 9/18/2019
Detention Barrel Prior to Backfill
Inspection of secondary storm drainage system 1/21/2021
Infiltration Pit - Stormwater System Inspection 7/20/2020
Infiltration Pit - Stormwater System Inspection 7/20/2020
Infiltration Pit - Stormwater System Inspection 7/20/2020
Infiltration Pit - Stormwater System Inspection 7/20/2020
Infiltration Pit - Stormwater System Inspection 7/20/2020
Sidewalk form inspection prior to pour. 12/17/2020
Sidewalks - Safety Items
Soil Management
Optional inspection to produce a punchlist prior to Final inspection.
Landscape Inspection
As-Built inspection for project closeout
Bond Release inspection
Public Works Stormwater As-Built Inspection for Project Closeout (Public System Only)
Engineer's certification is required to be submitted before requesting final inspection. Please see permit conditions for the list of documents needed and contact your engineer.
Public Works Stormwater Bond Release Inspection (Public System Only)
Public Works Stormwater Final Field Inspection (Public System Only)
Inspection of final plantings
Final Field Inspection
Development Engineering Site Visit
Development Engineering Site Visit
Fire access/ Fire Hydrant inspection
Storm Structures and Pipe Alignment
Construction Inspection

Structure Use Occupancy Type Square Footage
SEASIDE AT KINGSTON - New 140 Single Family Townhomes


The conditions listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit is issued, all conditions listed are applicable to your permit.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to print and bring to the pre-construction meeting two copies of the Accepted Plans. Accepted Plans shall be full-size plans, printed on minimum 22” x 34”, and shall be to scale. If the printed Accepted Plans are not brought to the pre-construction meeting, the Site Development Activity Permit cannot be issued. One copy of the printed plans will remain on file at the Department of Community Development, and one copy is required to be onsite throughout the construction period. Failure to have the Accepted Plans onsite may result in requested inspections not being approved.
Submittal of two blackline copies of as-built plans, and a reproducible mylar or scalable electronic PDF (once as-built copies have been approved). All sheets containing road and drainage plans, profiles and associated details shall be included in the as-built set. It is not necessary to include grading and erosion control plans. The as-built plan set shall be stamped "RECORD DRAWING" and shall be signed and stamped by a professional engineer or land surveyor.
Completion, to the satisfaction of Development Services and Engineering, of all work indicated on the plans.
The engineer shall provide certification to Kitsap County that the drainage conveyance pipes and structures were installed in compliance with the accepted plans.
Verification by the Project Engineer that all construction has been accomplished in compliance with the recommendations of the geotechnical report dated (05/22/2018), and any updates thereto.
The initial permit fee for all SDAPs applies to review and processing through permit approval. All review, inspection and processing after the date of the approval letter will be charged at the DCD hourly rate. All fees must be paid prior to final inspection.
Provide documentation of concurrence from the Geotechnical Engineer that the project as constructed meets their recommendations.
Certification, by the Project Engineer, that the soils encountered under any infiltration systems are consistent with the design criteria.
Submittal, by the Project Engineer, of the Operation and Maintenance Manual for privately maintained and/or non-standard stormwater facilities.
Submittal of an Onsite Stormwater Maintenance Covenant is required for private storm drainage facilities, which gives Kitsap County the right to inspect the facilities and guarantees the county that the facilities will be properly maintained (enclosed). This covenant must be recorded prior to scheduling the final inspection.
Work within the county right-of-way requires a permit to perform work in the right-of-way from the Kitsap County Department of Public Works.
The engineer shall provide certification to Kitsap County that the soils under all pollution generating pervious surfaces have been amended.
Permanent stabilization of the project site.
Provide certification by the Project Engineer that the as-built area and depth for the infiltration trench or dispersion trench meets the design criteria.
Certification, by the Project Engineer, of the as-built live and dead storage volumes.
This project includes the construction of rock walls or other retaining facilities that either exceed four feet in height or sustain a surcharge. A separate building permit with an engineered design is required for such walls. This note shall be placed on the face of the final construction drawings.
The existing well and septic tank need to be decommissioned if this area is to be cleared.
Landscaping shall be installed and maintained in conformance with the requirements of Kitsap County Code (KCC) 17.500. Landscaping shall be installed and inspected prior to requesting a final inspection, or guaranteed by means of an assignment of funds or bonded in the amount of 150 percent of the cost of installation.
A 20 foot unobstructed access road is required for dwellings here and after constructed on lots created by this land division. IFC 503 Amended by Kitsap County Code Fire apparatus access roads are required and must be maintained. Any proposed revision to these roads must be submitted to, reviewed and approved by the Kitsap County Fire Marshal's Office. IFC 503 Amended by Kitsap County. Access roads shall comply with the following: 1. Unobstructed width of 20 feet and height of 13 feet 6 inches. 2. Shall be designed and maintained to support a 60,000 pound fire apparatus and be provided with an all weather driving surface. 3. Dead end access roads exceeding 150 feet in length shall be provided with an approved turnaround. 4. Inside turning radius shall be a minimum of 25 feet (residential) 35 feet (commercial). 5. Access roads shall extend to within 150 feet of all portions of the exterior walls of the first story of the structure as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the structure or facility. 6. Road shall not be more than 12% grade. The minimum fire flow requirements for one and two family dwellings in subdivisions shall be 500 gallons per minute for thirty (30) minutes.
Existing septic tank and well to be decommissioned if within clearing limits.
The wetland buffer shall be averaged per the site plans and wetland report (C3 Habitat Corp., dated 10/2017). A split-rail fence shall be maintained along the outer buffer edge with wetland buffer signs placed every 40 feet, and vegetation enhancement maintained as provided on the approved landscape plan and in the Wetland report (C3 Habitat Corp.; 10/2017). A performance bond is required for the mitigation planting, which shall occur within the first dormant season once the permitted project has been constructed and approved. Once complete, an as-built shall be provided and inspection requested. Monitoring and maintenance of the planted area shall be conducted for five years after DCD approves planting. Monitoring includes live and dead vegetation counts and records of all maintenance activities. Maintenance activities can be defined as, but are not limited to, removal practices on invasive or nuisance vegetation and watering schedules. Monitoring information shall be summarized in a letter with photographs depicting conditions of the vegetation and overall site. Monitoring reports are due to Kitsap County Department of Community Development Services and Engineering Division by December 31 of each monitoring year. If more than 20 percent of the plantings do not survive within any of the monitoring years, the problem areas shall be replanted, and provided with better maintenance practices to ensure higher plant survival.

Required Permits
Type Requirement For Number Status
Right of Way Permit Close 19-00323 Finaled
Right of Way Permit No 19-02620 Issued
Miscellaneous Construction or Building - Commercial No 20-01939 Cancelled