20-05588 Remodel Major - Residential
Parcel #: 4451-000-044-0004
Status: Permit has been issued to applicant.
Submitted: 11/25/2020
Approved: 1/13/2021
Issued: 1/14/2021
Expires: 1/14/2022
Required: 8
Complete: 7
Total Fees:
Additional fees may be required
Project: PETERS - Remove non bearing walls; change out fireplace, water heater, range and gas piping; replace window with French doors

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Parcel Owner Address
4451-000-044-0004 PETERS RICHARD H 4930 PINE RD NE


Upload documents in PDF format on the following screen. The name of each file should simply identify what each submittal document is. Examples: “Floor Plans”, “Engineered Structural Plans”, "Engineered Civil Plans", “Site Plan”

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Submittal Required Received Accepted
Approved Permit Documents and Plans: Print all files and keep onsite for inspections Yes 1/13/2021 1/13/2021
Information Request: Upload a letter response AND any revised, corrected, or additional documentation. No 1/11/2021 1/12/2021
Please Download and Review All Documents: This line contains your detailed information request and when applicable, permit documents with reviewer comments No 1/5/2021 1/5/2021
Upload Required Permit Documents as listed on your Required Permit Questionnaire at No 12/16/2020 12/18/2020

Approval Steps
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Step Status Date
Permit Center Processing - Building Approved 12/21/2020
Health District Approval Processing for Building Permits Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 12/7/2020
Environmental Review Approval Step Not Required (Deleted) 12/7/2020
Residential Zoning Review Approved 12/29/2020
Building Code Plan Review Approved 1/13/2021

Start Complete Applicant Response
12/19/2020 1/5/2021 1/11/2021
1/11/2021 1/13/2021

Fixture Quantity Per Unit Value
R-Fireplace-Gas, or Gas Log Insert 1 $0.00 $0.00
R-Gaspipe System LPG/NATL/OIL 1 $0.00 $0.00
R-LP or Natural Gas Water Heater Vent & Combustion Air 1 $0.00 $0.00
R-Cook Stove with Exhaust, LP or Natural Gas 1 $0.00 $0.00
Total: $0.00


Valuations and fees will be validated during the review process.

Valuation Quantity Rate Value
Major remodel to residential space - Enter Square Footage 400.00 $72.74  / SQFT $29,096.00
Total: $29,096.00


Fee totals below may not reflect all fees, including fees calculated by hourly rates.

Fee Amount
Permit Center Base Fee $90.00
Technology Fee $15.19
State Surcharge DCD $6.50
Building Permit Fee, Residential $506.27
Total : $617.96

Type Number Amount Issued Expires Completed


The inspections listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit has been issued, all inspections listed are applicable to your permit. Note: Community Development Building Final Inspections (B-Final), Commercial CO Inspection Fire Marshal (FM-CO-Final) and the Final Field Inspections (DE-FFI) are not eligible for next day inspection requests. Please allow two business days when requesting a Final inspection.

Completed On
Residential Plumbing, Rough-In Inspection 1/25/2021
Residential Mechanical, Ventilation Rough-In Inspection 1/25/2021
Residential Mechanical, Interior Gas Piping Inspection 1/25/2021
Residential Mechanical Fireplace Rough-In Inspection 1/21/2021
Residential Framing Inspection 1/25/2021
Residential Insulation Inspection 1/21/2021
Residential Gypsum Wallboard Inspection 1/21/2021
Residential Final Building Inspection

Structure Use Occupancy Type Square Footage


The conditions listed below are standard for all permits of this type and may not apply to your specific permit. Once your permit is issued, all conditions listed are applicable to your permit.

Permit Expiration: Building permits expire 365 days after permit issuance, or 180 days after the last approved inspection activity is performed. The Building Official may extend the time for action for a period not exceeding 180 days, upon the receipt of a written extension request indicating that circumstances beyond the control of the permit holder have prevented action from being taken. Additional fees may be due to reactivate the permit.
ELECTRICAL WORK. If electrical work is proposed, a separate electrical permit is required. You can contact Labor and Industries (L&I) at to obtain an electrical permit. Electrical systems must be inspected by L&I prior to requesting a framing inspection and final approval granted prior to requesting a final building inspection from the Department of Community Development.
Reinspection Fee: All approved plans for this permit and the printed building permit with conditions are required to be on-site for inspection purposes, and work to be inspected shall be complete and ready for inspection. If an inspection is called for and plans are not available on site, or the work is not ready for inspection, or if previously identified corrections have not been made, approval will not be granted. In addition, a re-inspection fee will be charged and must be collected by the Department of Community Development prior to any further inspections being performed or approvals granted.
Final Inspection Required: All building permits shall have a final inspection performed and approved by the Kitsap County Department of Community Development prior to permit expiration. The failure to request a final inspection or failure to obtain final approval prior to expiration will be documented in the legal property records on file with Kitsap County as being non-compliant with Kitsap County ordinances and building regulations and will be referred to Kitsap County Code Compliance for action.
Demolition: All demolition debris shall be properly transported to, and disposed of within an approved solid waste facility. The property shall be left in a clean, safe condition, protected from erosion. Copies of disposal receipts from a regulated disposal or recycling facility shall be provided via the online citizen portal to the Department of Community Development before the final inspection. Any demolition work that does not remove the entire structure, shall be performed such that no structural member remains undermined or left in any position or situation that could cause harm to any person or property. Partial demolition shall not cause any portion of a building to become unsafe. For information regarding asbestos removal or lead abatement, contact Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at (206) 343-8800. All asbestos and hazardous material removal shall comply with all requirements of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA). Copies of documents submitted to PSCAA shall be forwarded to the Department of Community Development before requesting the final inspection.
This permit shall comply with all Kitsap Public Health District regulations and conditions of approval.

Required Permits
Type Requirement For Number Status